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On Site Glass Repair Pricing

Glass Restoration Pricing

Our minimum is $550. 

Every job is slightly different in requirements and scope. We look at the size of glass, location, cost of replacement, size of the damaged area, as well as other factors to determine our pricing. The starting point is $550 and goes up from there. We have a $99 trip fee for onsite estimates in the Phoenix metro area. 

Out Of Arizona Glass Repair Pricing

Outside Of Phoenix, AZ USA?

For an on-site visit and estimate our minimum charge is travel expenses + $500. 

For an out of state demo our minimum charge is $2500

Before You Call

We offer free local estimates. Give us a call with your address and project details and one of our team members will schedule your estimate. 

If you are outside of Phoenix we can give you a general idea with some basic information.

1: Size/type of windows 

2: The size/type of damage

3: Location of the damaged area on the window

In most cases, with this information, we can give you a rough estimate, or let you know we need to come out for an on-site inspection. For projects over 2 windows, we require an on-site estimate. 



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